Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design

Are you looking for some ideas on getting started with designing, or remodeling the interior of your house? Everyday I get literally hundreds of emails asking the same question from new designers: “Can You Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design?”

Most people are very well-informed from the start, and are just looking for a few pointers on where to go with their bedroom style, wall design, or color variations for the kitchen. Others are simply looking to break into the interior design business.

And of course, there are quite a number of enthusiastic beginner designers, home owners in fact, that are anxious to embark on a new and exciting hobby with interior design. The following list of ideas are for that group of people, probably you, as you are thinking right now “Ok, can you give me some ideas on interior design?”

So let’s begin:

Can You Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design For Better Bedroom Storage?

The best way to increase your storage space for the bedroom, and one that will make a beautiful interior design edition to the area, is to use storage chests. Storage chests are absolutely perfect for storing quilts, clean bed linens, and even clothes.

You have two choices when obtaining a storage chest. You can either make one from scratch, or purchase an unfinished design from a furniture store. Add extra storage space by using divider trays to help keep safe your smaller, cherished memorabilia. My personal favorite technique is to make a storage chest from scratch, using plywood, and then cover it with a colorful bedroom decor, making the handles out of decorative casters.

Can You Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design For Dividing A Large Room?

Dividing up a large room into sections, or possibly two rooms, is an excellent way to create more depth and individual style. Depending on the type of space you have to work with, consider having a sliding glass door built into the room.

Now before you get confused, imagine a beautiful, white framed, sliding glass door suddenly separating your living room and your kitchen space, which was once an open walk-through.

Whether it is solid, or glass (my favorite), a sliding door offers major advantages over swinging doors when it comes to creating two rooms from one. When the doors are fully open, they will disappear into the wall, thus creating more space. Your guests may not even realize that there are two sliding doors as they disappear within the walls when open. And then once you close them, you have separation and privacy of each individual space, just as you desired.

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