Essential Small Kitchen Appliances

One of the things that truly distinguish the modern kitchen from those of the past is the wide assortment of small appliances available. These appliances are available to help us enjoy specialty coffees, freshly made juices or delicious home cooked French fries. Here is a look at some of the prized small appliances that make going out for food or beverages less of a necessity.

Coffee Makers: Can you imagine waking up without a cup of coffee? The morning cup of coffee is a daily ritual that makes facing the day much more palatable for many of us. Programmable units have been around for a while and provide the convenience of automatically brewing your coffee for you so that you can enjoy a hot cup as soon as you manage to crawl out of bed.

Coffee Grinders: Many coffee connoisseurs prefer to grind their own coffee beans rather than buy the pre-ground varieties. Many supermarkets sell the beans and provide a grinder you can use right in the store or you can buy your own grinder for home use. Grinding your own coffee can be a great way to get superior coffee without paying extra.

Espresso Machines: Once the domain of only restaurants or the highly affluent, espresso machines have gone main stream over the last decade. There are hundreds of styles available to match just about any price point. Depending on how often you drink espresso, an espresso machine can pay for itself within a year compared to splurging at popular coffee bars.

Juicers: For those that prefer a healthy drink to start the day, nothing really compares to a glass of freshly-squeezed juice, but who wants to squeeze it themselves? Today there are plenty of juicers on the market that can make freshly-squeeze juice at home a reality for less than you might think.

Slow Cookers and pressure cookers offer an alternative for those looking for convenient meals that don’t come out of a box. A pressure cooker may not be quite as fast as a microwave but cooks much more evenly. Slow cookers enable you to have amazing roast chicken or beef that would normally be too time-consuming to attempt after work. Not only is the food ready for you when you get home, it tastes amazing and the meat often falls right off the bone.

Other great small appliance ideas include ice cream makers and bread machines. These are great for those that have special dietary requirements and don’t want to shell out the money for more expensive brands in the store to meet their needs. Making your own ice cream and bread allows you to have control over all the ingredients and not have to worry about the artificial dyes or preservatives that are used in most of the brands that you find in the stores.

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