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Kitchen appliances have long been a staple in many households around the world. There are those that are interested in collecting antique kitchen appliances, as the rustic look of antique appliances is a wonderful addition to any homestead. When looking for antique appliances, there are those that are quick to turn to such outlets as […]

One of the things that truly distinguish the modern kitchen from those of the past is the wide assortment of small appliances available. These appliances are available to help us enjoy specialty coffees, freshly made juices or delicious home cooked French fries. Here is a look at some of the prized small appliances that make […]

Have you ever redesigned your kitchen? It can be a stressful process! As an appliance salesman I see, time and time again, customers making snap decisions when choosing their appliances because of the stress, and then live to regret their choice. There are steps to make sure that you are getting the appliances that are […]